Mona-Lena Jangekull lives in Sweden by the lake Vättern, she has been studying astronomy, cosmic astrology, and esoteric symbols since 1993. She possesses a clairaudient and clairvoyant ability since childhood. Because of her studies in children’s culture, she often returns to the world of fairy tales and myths to describe the human and spiritual in people’s lives. She channels spiritual guidance from angels and entities in other dimensions as well messages from souls on the other side. She is also able to write spiritual texts containing healing energies and interpret photographs and channel messages from the energy of a person or nature. She interprets orbs of light from photographs or in the air.

Mona-Lena is certified in Astrology and Jung studies and holds a Certification as a Grandmaster in Reiki.

Traditional education, Mona-Lena went to the Stockholm Institute of Education and is certified as a pre-school teacher and attended Stockholm’s University where she received a degree in Children’s culture.

She also wrote the book Vandringen: Kvinnors väg genom årets dagar (The Path: Women’s path through the days of the year) in 2007 only in Swedish.