What is Astrology?

When you are born, you freeze the Solar System at the moment of birth, and it becomes a human horoscope. A map of life. The time and place of birth you divide the horoscope into twelve houses.

The planets talk about what it is that forces that affect us, a zodiac sign how it affects us and the houses where in life it affects us.

The planets in the solar system move all the time and contact what you have in your horoscope. These are called transits and progressions. They show what is happening today, yesterday and in the future.

A good astrologer looks at planets, asteroids, midpoints, and fixed stars and can see what a human being did in previous lives, what his mission is in this life and what lies behind severe trauma and fateful events. But also, where the true joy comes from, where the true love is, how to begin to heal and become whole and when the great crossroads occur and life is transformed into something better.

Astrology is not a religion; it is a method that explains why you are here on Earth and who you are and how to find your way back to the divine power you have within you.

A horoscope is a multidimensional map with thousands of angles, points, and messages. Like a universal DNA in your soul. Astrology is the ability to interpret mathematical and ancient symbols and solve a riddle, a problem and get an answer.

Interpretation of Natal Horoscope

  • You’ll get a written report with an interpretation of your natal chart. This text is sent to your email address. I will look at the planets, the asteroids, the midpoints and the fix stars. I see previous life, your mission in this life and what is behind trauma and destined events. I see from where the great joy in life comes from, where true love is, how you can heal and transform life to something better. If there are souls on the other side that comes through, I channel down there messages as well.
  • I need your date of birth, Year, month, day, city and preferably the exact time.
  • Payments accepted through PayPal – jangekull@hotmail.com

Cost: 180 US dollar.

Moon’s Reports

  • Analysis of the influence of the full-moon or the new moon on a person. Written report will be sent by e-mail.

    Cost: 45 US dollar. 400 SWE.


“My experience understanding the art of astrology has grown in the past decades.

The opportunity to have access to someone with the ability, vision and understanding of the profound moments we as human beings go through is a true advantage.

Mona Lena gave me clarity and gave me insights I hadn’t received before.

These insights have helped me cure old wounds and have pushed me to transcend into a more conscious way of understanding life with all its blessings and challenges.

She has a gift she shares with a few of us, and you would be more than blessed when she decides to share her gift with you.

With immense gratitude.”

– Antonio F.

“Mona-Lena Jangekull has the ability to bring out the essential spiritual information in a way that makes me understand the truth about myself.

She takes out the grain of gold in her interpretations so I can understand it all in my heart and in that pure sense I find my way home. She is completeness and sincerity, something that is necessary for someone who finds the key to your soul.”

Nicklas Nyman.

“Mona-Lena can easily be named the world’s best astrologer. Always accurate, prophetic, well-articulated and psychologically well-balanced in her reports.”

Glenn Chaim.

“My amazing astrologer. Grateful for all the inspiration and insights. With warmth, Mona-Lena Jangekull is recommended.

Monica Thengberg.